MR028: Various Artists -H8-Bit vol.2

MR028: Various Artists – H8-Bit vol.2


Released by: MockRadar
Release/catalogue number: MR028
Release date: October 11, 2016
Artwork: ACTechnologics
Genre: Hardcore, Chiptune, Drum and Bass, Industrial, HipHop, Footwork, RaggaCore, Noise, Experimental

The crew at MockRadar are at it again with another installment in their highly touted H8-Bit series. Back by popular demand “MR028: H8-Bit vol. 2” is a brazen assault on video game music style’s, beyond the means of bold creative manipulation and audacious disregard for genre staples. By dissecting chip-tune theory and the unabashed destruction of 8-Bit sound, the ever expanding artist roster at MockRadar have delivered yet another unconventional modern subterrestrial masterpiece. Eclectic esoteric audiophiles will revel in the honed precision with which MockRadar has become synonymous in the world of underground electronics. Take a trip alongside old label friends and new roster colleague’s on the blistering edge of technique with the MockRadar method, a signature of ingenious quality, innovative mastery, and inventive cacophony.

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MR027: The Remixes vol.4 – Vojeet – Fanatische Menschen

MR027: The Remixes vol.4 – Vojeet – Fanatische Menschen

Released by: MockRadar                                 MR027-Cover
Release/catalogue number: MR027
Release date: April 14, 2016
Artwork: Vojeet
Genre: breakcore, breaks, drum & bass, electronic, experimental noise, darkstep, freeform, hardcore noise

MockRadar Presents another mixed and mangled interpretation of one of our most inspiring and prolific artist’ Titular tracks MR027: The Remixes vol.4 – Vojeet – Fanatische Menschen set’s the listener right into the pilot seat for a tour de force of electronic mayhem from our labels ecclectic bullpin of talented artist’s. Another real gem for followers of the Esoteric Underground.

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RELEASE: MR026 The Remixes Vol.3 – Sexual Prey – Beginnings

RELEASE: MR026 The Remixes Vol.3 – Sexual Prey – Beginnings


Released by: MockRadar   Release/catalogue number: MR026
Release date: March 3, 2016
Artwork: Vojeet
Photography: Sophia Hotzler
Genre: Abstract, Drum n Bass, Breaks, Breakcore, Experimental, Noise

MockRadar Presents
MR026 The Remixes Vol.3
Sexual Prey – Beginnings

Straight from the mind of one of our founding alumni Sexual Prey then mixed, mashed, and mangled in a dizzying array of eclectic styles. MR026 features some of the esoteric undergrounds most enigmatic and influential artists blended in with a healthy dose of intriguing new comers to our label. MockRadar is proud to bring you the third installment of our “Remixes” series Beginnings, it is aptly titled as our first release of 2016, a year that MockRadar promises will delight electronics fans worldwide.

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MockRadar Group Projects

A MockRadar Mini Documentary Featuring Alojzy Kowalczyk , SNM , Verdroid , and VJMina. With video from MockRadar Cadavre Exquis and Musical Chairs group projects. Some field recordings, and some shots from the MockRadar 2012 Apocalypse Party


RELEASE: MR025: Vaenus – Dreamer/Darkness Resides

RELEASE: MR025: Vaenus – Dreamer/Darkness Resides

Released by: MockRadar
Release/catalogue number: MR025vaenus
Release date: January 07, 2015
Artwork: Hendrik van den Berg
Genre: Drum & Bass

Vaenus already shows no signs of slowing down this year and he delights our ears on his sophomore release with MockRadar. Vaenus – Dreamers/Darkness Resides E.P. is a blistering tour de force, heavily laden with oldschool DrumNBass and Neuro-Funk elements, sure to please the eclectic esoteric electronic connoisseur.

RELEASE: MR024: BearStainBear – batailleMontreuil

RELEASE: MR024: BearStainBear – batailleMontreuil

Released by: MockRadar
Release/catalogue number: MR024
Release date: October 1, 2014
Cover Art: Vojeet
Genre: Breakcore/Noise/Shoegaze
Run Time: 18:06

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MR024 Bear Stain Bear – Bataille à Montreuil by Cheo Map on Mixcloud