Release:  MR001 “SplitFaceHairFish vol.1 – SNM vs. Sexual Prey”


MROO1: SFHF Vol.1 Sexual Prey Vs. SNM

  • The first of many split albums to come!

Made in respect of the days when split-tapes & D.I.Y promotions ruled our scene(s).

Direct Download:

Get It Here :

Release: MR002 “SweetPeaPod – Lullaby Noizzz”

The first of many solo albums by the MockRadar alumni.

“This album is not your garden variety pop it in the player and fool around while cleaning house or what have you, this “JOURNEY” grabs your attention like a rusty meat hook! Its a sweet serenade for your sympathy’s, a synthetic skull fuck for your senses . Touching on a deeper part of the psyche, Lullabye Noiz takes you into a reflective state, and then sweeps you along on a rollercoaster ride of of WTF faces and emotional landscapes.
A definitive and poignant master piece, that I can only listen to on special occasions because of its raw and unadulterated fervent energy.” – SNM

Listen & Download full album in a single mp3 here:

Or Download zip of full album with individual trackmarks & artwork here:

SweetPeaPod – Lullaby Noizzz

Press Repeat & Go To Sleep! – See you in your dreams…
– Cheomap

Release: MR003 “SplitFaceHairFish vol.2 – VOTU vs. Orca”


MROO3:  SFHF Vol.2 Vengeance of the Undead vs. Orca 

  • The second installment of our Split Series

Dig on the new wave of Dubstep. Demented Downtempo Dubs from Vengeance of the Undead.  And some Dark Jumpy dancefloor killers from Orca.

Get it Here: 

SplitFaceHairFish vol.2

Release: MR003 “Alojzy Kowalczyk – Musings and Mishaps”


MROO4:  Alojzy Kowalczyk – Musings and Mishaps

  • Full length album from MockRadar’s own Alojzy Kowalczyk!!

An A and B sided Journey Through The Life and Times of  Psuedo Polish SuperHero Alojzy Kowalczyk

Get it Here: 

Alojzy Kowalczyk – Musings and Mishaps

Release: MR005 “Sexual Prey & Dust – Words EP”

Release: MROO5:  Sexual Prey & Dust – Words EP

Melodic Soundscapes, and Soulful Technical Breakcore Abound in this Split sided EP From Sexual Prey and Dust. All tracks produced and composed by Isaac Rohr

Get it Here: 

MR005 “Sexual Prey & Dust – Words EP”

Release: MR006 “H8-Bit Compilation”

Release: MROO6: H8-Bit Compilation

A release dedicated in bringing you a musical rendition of 8Bit and video game noises in a ‘not so 8Bit way’.

Featuring MockRadar Alumn’s

Bear Stain Bear, John Merrik, SNM, SweetPeaPod, Alojzy Kowalczyk, Blissphemy, Cheomap, And Vojeet

Get it Here:

MR006 “H8-Bit Collaboration”

Release: MR007 “SplitFaceHairFish vol.3 – Vojeet vs. Krucifiya”



  • The third installment of our Split Series

MockRadar is proud to present:

“SFHF vol.3 – Vojeet vs. Krucifiya”

Darkstep gets a face lift, with deep dark distorted debut of Krucifiya and the Über clean stylings of Darkstep veteran producer Vojeet.

MockRadar proves once again that quality and passion for excellence still exist in one of our favorite sub genre’s of Drum and Bass

Get it Here: 

SplitFaceHairFish vol.3

Release: MR008 “SplitFaceHairFish vol.4 – River Goblin vs. David Paliza”

Release: MROO8 “SplitFaceHairFish vol.4 – River Goblin vs. David Paliza”


  • MockRadar Recordings brings you the next installment in our widely influential and critically acclaimed
    “SplitFaceHairFish” series

MockRadar is proud to present:

SFHF vol.4 – River Goblin vs. David Paliza

We’ve scoured the globe to take you on a journey into the deepest recesses of
modern underground avant-gard experimentalism. Sit back relax, close your eyes, and enjoy the ride.

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain David Paliza sets the tone of the voyage on side A
With glitcy and technical soundscapes, sometimes creepy, never quite contented, always original and thought provoking. There is a feeling of nervousness and being on the cusp of something not quite defined here. Something lingering  just over the horizon…

Out of the mental realm and dropping spiritual knowledge for our modern age
River Goblin from Port Macquarie, Australia. Puts that human element so desperately needed and so profoundly missing back into the forefront of our collective consciousness’ . If David told you somethings out there, River shows you what it is. A dizzying and sublimely intoxicating peek into esoteric psychadelica, and all it threatens to tease into your perception.

Get it Here: 
Direct Download SplitFaceHairFish vol.4

Release: MR009: The Remixes vol.1 “SweetPeaPod – DescribeMatt”

Release: MR009: The Remixes vol.1 “SweetPeaPod – DescribeMatt”


  • “This remix project features some of our favorite artists. Skewed mixes ranging from Hardcore tech-NOOO!, to jungle, noize, and breakcore. Another version of the track was previously released by SNM, in his epic “Remix Wars”, which can be found, downloaded, and envied at”~Cheomap

MockRadar is proud to present:

MR009: The Remixes vol.1 “SweetPeaPod – DescribeMatt”

Here it is folk’s the project that started it all.  The original track features that unmistakable SweetPeaPod ultra distorted and soulful sound we have all come to know and love.
Cheo contacted me in 2009 via our old outdated friend MySpaz, and proposed I make him a remix of this Epic tale of heartache and disillusion. We soon became fast friends and homies for life. Fast forward to 2011.. and we decided to launch our own label. MockRadar was born. A label founded
“For the artist’s and by the artist’s”.  We’ve carved a blazing path of destruction and undeniable recognition into the underground electronics scene since then, and we have no thought’s of stopping now. Our MR family continues to grow and mature, featuring our closest friends, all powerhouses of their respective genre’s. We couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved, and have nothing but the highest hopes for the future of MockRadar.

Get it Here: Direct Download The Remixes vol.1 “SweetPeaPod – DescribeMatt”

Release: MR010 – Evilution – MockRadar Alumni

Release: MR010 – Evilution – MockRadar Alumni

  • The world-wide collective of mythical MockRadar Alumni have come together to bring you a release like no other. The album features the best and brightest the underground electronics scene has to offer. This linear release was constructed one track at a time with each artist hearing only the track that preceded them on the release. Over a year in the making Cheomap, Sexual Prey, SNM, Vojeet, Voidstar, BrokenNVEP, Vasectoven, Divtech, Atomgrad, Orca, Krucifiya, SweetPeaPod, & Infekkted have re-defined quality in Esoteric Electronics various sub-genre’s. This mystical masterpiece of artistic collaboration set the stage for what has become the most influential label driving the forces behind the Underground Electronics music scene. Sit back and listen to this in its entirety for an experience that is sure to impress and leave u breathlessly begging for more serenading supernatural sophistication’s from the newly crowned Kings at MockRadar

MockRadar is proud to present:

“MR010 – Evilution – MockRadar Alumni”

Get it Here: Direct Download MR010 – Evilution – MockRadar Alumni




Release: MR011 The Remixes vol.2 “Blissphemy – Cernunnos”

Release: MR011 The Remixes vol.2 “Blissphemy – Cernunnos”

  • Take a trip into the Pagan world of Cernunnos, listen to nature whispering its secret thoughts… MR011 is an excursion into the mystic side of the experimentalyst spirit. An experience shared by 13 producers involved in the retelling of Blissphemy’s “Cernunnos”. Each one has taken this dark ethereal tale and made it personal, through a full spectrum of various electronic styles, making this a unique multi-genre MockRadar release.
    Along your travels, you will hear the forest groaning, falling apart after the rain, changing faces into the apocalypse, then growing back again from purified soil. You will be enchanted, you will dance and then rest quietly listening to the sounds of the rising sun. You will find it hard to listen to this album in its entirety and not be touched, prepare to be mesmerized by an amazing piece of musical art!

MockRadar is proud to bring you:

“MR011 The Remixes vol.2 “Blissphemy – Cernunnos””

Get it Here: Direct Download MR011 – The Remixes vol.2 “Blissphemy – Cernunnos

Release: MR012 “Verdroid – Ingredient”

Release: MR012 “Verdroid – Ingredient”


  • Mixing the elements of Gabber and Hardcore Industrial into a flawless seam of the hypnotizing and aggressive. Verdroid has a style that is overpowering, harsh and distorted, yet at the same time strangely melodic and serenading. Listening to this album is like driving down a long winding scenic coastal road at top speed shifting gears in a flurry of furious intellectual intent.

MockRadar Presents:

“MR012 “Verdroid – Ingredient”

Get it Here: Direct Download MR012 Verdroid – Ingredient

RELEASE: MR013 “Sexual Prey – ADHD”

RELEASE: MR013 “Sexual Prey – ADHD”

  • One of our original Alumni has stripped raw electronics back down to their basics and given you a clean take on digitization and soundscapes from the perspective of the computer. Take note of the sublime melodies, bask in the complexity of the chord structure’s. Simplicity at its utmost intricacy. You will hear 808’s and chiptunesque serenades that will entice your growing longing for all that esoteric electronics has to offer.

MockRadar Presents:

MR013 “Sexual Prey – ADHD”

Get it Here: Direct Download MR013 “Sexual Prey – ADHD”

RELEASE: MR014 “BearStainBear – Mars Pop E.P.”

RELEASE: MR014 “BearStainBear – Mars Pop E.P.”

    • “”Upon my arrival to Ixi Station I found myself sitting in the Red Dust Inn, waiting for the next transport shuttle to the red planet. I got my first double old fashioned of 12yr old Mars Scotch and lit up a fat Cydonian cigar. Unbeknownst to myself Mars had already built up a strong culture of its own in it’s short 34 year colonization. And any old space dog worth his dust will tell you that the best place to get a crash course in Martian music history is at the Red Dust Inn, with resident intergalactic super star BearStainBear. Being one of the first Martian children born from the original mining colony known only as “MR014” BearStainBear has a unique outlook and grasp on the Martian lifestyle. His critically acclaimed stuttered basses and passionate melodics have become the defining sound of what is known in posh music circles as “Mars Pop”. The father of Popular Martian music does not fail to impress and I highly suggest if your in this quadrant, you catch his live set. But if your Terra side you can allways get a copy of his new E.P. from the ever present interstellar super label”

      “excerpt taken from: “Martian Music Monthly #360” article by “Trulia Skilith”

MockRadar Presents: MR014 “BearStainBear – Mars Pop E.P. Get it Here: Direct Download MR014 “BearStainBear – Mars Pop E.P.

RELEASE: MR015: “Simiiform – Alien World Music E.P.”

RELEASE: MR015: “Simiiform – Alien World Music E.P.”

    • The long awaited first release from the artist formerly known as “The Savage Apes of Mars” Alien World Music; is a melodic bit fueled artistic expression piece. Seamlessly blending elements from Breakcore, Chiptune, and Electro Breaks, with a nice dash of humor and emotion masterfully thrown in for good measure. Simiiform has laid his mark on the underground electronics scene with this release. MockRadaR is proud to add this talented producer to our roster and bring his eloquently constructed soundscapes to the ears of MockRadaR listeners worldwide.

MockRadar Presents: MR015: “Simiiform – Alien World Music E.P.”Get it Here: Direct Download MR015: “Simiiform – Alien World Music E.P.”

RELEASE: MR01RELEASE MR016: HPS vol.1 “Bear Stain Bear – Faux Show”

RELEASE: MR01RELEASE MR016: HPS vol.1 “Bear Stain Bear – Faux Show””

    • MR016 is the beginning of the “House Party Series” Have you ever had that lingering longing to go and see your favorite MockRadar musician in a live show, but have found yourself on the other side of the world. Well we decided its not fair if everyone cant fulfill that wish, so we have created this series to let everyone experience the intimate setting of a small venue featuring their favorite MockRadar artist. A “House Party Vibe” so to speak. No fancy frivolities just one artist playing their heart out the way they want to bring it to you, a true representation of the artist’s soulful and uninhibited endeavors.
      We’re kicking off this series with “Bear Stain Bear” Papa Bear gets down and dirty in this one hour set, you will experience his playful nature along with those patented distortion techniques we have all come to love. Bear Stain Bear takes off the gloves mixing everything from popular music and television shows to sampling children’s voices and toys, even a dash of some really oldschool. You’ll grab a hold of the full spectrum of his talents with live renditions of some of his more potent exhibitions and get a taste for Bear Stain Bear like you could only experience up close and personal. So we invite you all to pop the top, spark up, and get down and groovy in your living room with Bear Stain Bear.

So without further Ado MockRadar presents Bear Stain Bear’s Faux Show!”

Direct Download MR016: HPS vol.1 “Bear Stain Bear – Faux Show””


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