MR027: The Remixes vol.4 – Vojeet – Fanatische Menschen

MR027: The Remixes vol.4 – Vojeet – Fanatische Menschen

Released by: MockRadar                                 MR027-Cover
Release/catalogue number: MR027
Release date: April 14, 2016
Artwork: Vojeet
Genre: breakcore, breaks, drum & bass, electronic, experimental noise, darkstep, freeform, hardcore noise

MockRadar Presents another mixed and mangled interpretation of one of our most inspiring and prolific artist’ Titular tracks MR027: The Remixes vol.4 – Vojeet – Fanatische Menschen set’s the listener right into the pilot seat for a tour de force of electronic mayhem from our labels ecclectic bullpin of talented artist’s. Another real gem for followers of the Esoteric Underground.

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RELEASE: MR026 The Remixes Vol.3 – Sexual Prey – Beginnings

RELEASE: MR026 The Remixes Vol.3 – Sexual Prey – Beginnings


Released by: MockRadar   Release/catalogue number: MR026
Release date: March 3, 2016
Artwork: Vojeet
Photography: Sophia Hotzler
Genre: Abstract, Drum n Bass, Breaks, Breakcore, Experimental, Noise

MockRadar Presents
MR026 The Remixes Vol.3
Sexual Prey – Beginnings

Straight from the mind of one of our founding alumni Sexual Prey then mixed, mashed, and mangled in a dizzying array of eclectic styles. MR026 features some of the esoteric undergrounds most enigmatic and influential artists blended in with a healthy dose of intriguing new comers to our label. MockRadar is proud to bring you the third installment of our “Remixes” series Beginnings, it is aptly titled as our first release of 2016, a year that MockRadar promises will delight electronics fans worldwide.

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RELEASE: MR022: SweetPeaPod – Letters to Verdroid

RELEASE: MR022: SweetPeaPod – Letters to Verdroid, Memoirs of Building a Broken Bear


  •   MockRadar‘s latest offering comes in the form of one of it’s co-founder’s contributions to the label’s ever growing catalog of eclectic underground electronics. The history of the release is hidden in it’s title. It originally came about in a series of correspondences Cheo had with Verdroid via e-mail, sharing musical exploits. “It would sound great all together in a full album” being the consensus.
    Each tack for this release has been re-mastered by Cheo and represent’s the classic SPP sound from the creator himself. Carefully crafted tonal distortions are a trade mark of his characteristic style and plenty of finely honed offerings are on display here. You will find works ranging from 2004-09 respectively. The album also showcase’s some rare live performances and as well many unreleased gems. “Memoirs of building a broken bear” Is a histrionics lesson through the career of one of underground electronic’s true pioneer’s. And we are proud to offer you this definitive collection in all it’s purity.

Direct Download: MR022: SweetPeaPod – Letters to Verdroid

RELEASE: MR020 – Vaenus – Anything Goes

RELEASE: MR020 – Vaenus – Anything Goes Vaenus_front_cover

  • Vaenus burst’s onto the scene with his 4 track E.P. “Anything Goes” Hailing from the U.S.A. and bringing his own blend of Hardcore, Ragga, and Breakcore to the MockRadar roster. “Anything Goes” is a no nonsense in your face Hardcore splattergasm featuring Dancehall vocal snippets peppered with chaotic and intricately rearranged break beats. Sure to please the even the most discerning Esoteric Underground palate. MockRadar is proud to bring our listeners our 20th release from our Eclectic Electronic catalog.

Direct Download: MR020: Vaenus – Anything Goes

RELEASE: MR019 – Kowareta Hyoushi

RELEASE: MR019 – Kowareta HyoushiMR019-Front-Cover

  • Kowareta Hyoushi is the Breakcore alter ego of Darkstep Pioneer Vojeet (but we just call him “El Capitan” here at MR headquarters) Japanophile at heart, Kowareta Hyoushi exemplifies an irreproachable scholarly technical wizardry with his self titled release on MockRadar. Conjuring trace ingredients from Noise, Drum & Bass, and Chiptune. Kowareta Hyoushi craft’s circuitous melodies that mesmerize listeners as colored drumscapes form labyrinthine rhythems. You will be impressed, bewildered, and left astonished as there is never a dull moment on this excursion. So, strap in and prepare yourself for an expedition into the underground. Brace yourself for another fundamental stop on the ever continuing odyssey that is MockRadar‘s tour of eclectic electronic esoterica with MR019 – Kowareta Hyoushi

Direct Download: MR019 “Kowareta Hyoushi

RELEASE: MR017: KenKo Taiji – RI HA BI RI

RELEASE: MR017: “KenKo Taiji – RI HA BI RI”

  • Exploding on to our roster in a whirlwind of Breakcore fury is KenKo Taiji with his debut release on our label.
  • KenKo Taiji – RI HA BI RI
  • Hailing from Japan KenKo Taiji mixes an impressive list of influences. Ranging from, Darkstep, IDM,Heavy Metal, Acid, and even Hip-Hop. All sewn together with a flawless seam of Breakcore stitch-work.Showcasing a talent for unmatched versatility and creativity RI HA BI RI is a statement in musical form. KenKo Taiji speaks volumes in tones of talent, style, and panache. And all this is delivered in the seemingly small package of only 7 tracks. But don’t let that number fool you, this is a complete journey through the mind of one of modern day Breakcore’s true prodigies. A phenomenon in today’s over saturated underground scene, and no doubt to be a prominent player for some time to come. We are proud to welcome KenKo Taiji to the MockRadar family and have the highest regard for his future here at MockRadar !

Direct Download: MR017 KenKo Taiji – RI HA BI RI