RELEASE: MR024: BearStainBear – batailleMontreuil

RELEASE: MR024: BearStainBear – batailleMontreuil

Released by: MockRadar
Release/catalogue number: MR024
Release date: October 1, 2014
Cover Art: Vojeet
Genre: Breakcore/Noise/Shoegaze
Run Time: 18:06

As fluid of subtext injection, they gave her concentrated sub-veinous doses because she was dehydrated
Jazzy is now doing better. Here fat and serum are never produced, and the cellular membrane partly borrows that peculiar nature which characterizes the sub-arterial, the external dissection is an essential element for the staging.
One translation of the English term last year and they found a 30% blockage in what my mother called a “minor” vessal. In either aspect the intervention further includes the collection of habitual characteristics profiles
7 to 30% of subjects underwent dissection. The mean duration of the operation was 180 +/- 18 minutes (35-180 min: 130 minutes for the first operations, then 18.06 for the last operations


MR024 Bear Stain Bear – Bataille à Montreuil by Cheo Map on Mixcloud


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