RELEASE: MR017: KenKo Taiji – RI HA BI RI

RELEASE: MR017: “KenKo Taiji – RI HA BI RI”

  • Exploding on to our roster in a whirlwind of Breakcore fury is KenKo Taiji with his debut release on our label.
  • KenKo Taiji – RI HA BI RI
  • Hailing from Japan KenKo Taiji mixes an impressive list of influences. Ranging from, Darkstep, IDM,Heavy Metal, Acid, and even Hip-Hop. All sewn together with a flawless seam of Breakcore stitch-work.Showcasing a talent for unmatched versatility and creativity RI HA BI RI is a statement in musical form. KenKo Taiji speaks volumes in tones of talent, style, and panache. And all this is delivered in the seemingly small package of only 7 tracks. But don’t let that number fool you, this is a complete journey through the mind of one of modern day Breakcore’s true prodigies. A phenomenon in today’s over saturated underground scene, and no doubt to be a prominent player for some time to come. We are proud to welcome KenKo Taiji to the MockRadar family and have the highest regard for his future here at MockRadar !

Direct Download: MR017 KenKo Taiji – RI HA BI RI


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