RELEASE MR016: HPS vol.1 “Bear Stain Bear – Faux Show”

RELEASE: MR016: HPS vol.1 “Bear Stain Bear – Faux Show”

RELEASE: MR016: HPS vol.1 “Bear Stain Bear – Faux Show””

    • MR016 is the beginning of the “House Party Series” Have you ever had that lingering longing to go and see your favorite MockRadar musician in a live show, but have found yourself on the other side of the world. Well we decided its not fair if everyone cant fulfill that wish, so we have created this series to let everyone experience the intimate setting of a small venue featuring their favorite MockRadar artist. A “House Party Vibe” so to speak. No fancy frivolities just one artist playing their heart out the way they want to bring it to you, a true representation of the artist’s soulful and uninhibited endeavors.
      We’re kicking off this series with “Bear Stain Bear” Papa Bear gets down and dirty in this one hour set, you will experience his playful nature along with those patented distortion techniques we have all come to love. Bear Stain Bear takes off the gloves mixing everything from popular music and television shows to sampling children’s voices and toys, even a dash of some really oldschool. You’ll grab a hold of the full spectrum of his talents with live renditions of some of his more potent exhibitions and get a taste for Bear Stain Bear like you could only experience up close and personal. So we invite you all to pop the top, spark up, and get down and groovy in your living room with Bear Stain Bear.

So without further Ado MockRadar presents Bear Stain Bear’s Faux Show!”

Direct Download MR016: HPS vol.1 “Bear Stain Bear – Faux Show””


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