MR014: “BearStainBear – Mars Pop E.P.”

RELEASE: MR014 “BearStainBear – Mars Pop E.P.”

RELEASE: MR014 “BearStainBear – Mars Pop E.P.”

    • “”Upon my arrival to Ixi Station I found myself sitting in the Red Dust Inn, waiting for the next transport shuttle to the red planet. I got my first double old fashioned of 12yr old Mars Scotch and lit up a fat Cydonian cigar. Unbeknownst to myself Mars had already built up a strong culture of its own in it’s short 34 year colonization. And any old space dog worth his dust will tell you that the best place to get a crash course in Martian music history is at the Red Dust Inn, with resident intergalactic super star BearStainBear. Being one of the first Martian children born from the original mining colony known only as “MR014” BearStainBear has a unique outlook and grasp on the Martian lifestyle. His critically acclaimed stuttered basses and passionate melodics have become the defining sound of what is known in posh music circles as “Mars Pop”. The father of Popular Martian music does not fail to impress and I highly suggest if your in this quadrant, you catch his live set. But if your Terra side you can allways get a copy of his new E.P. from the ever present interstellar super label”

      “excerpt taken from: “Martian Music Monthly #360” article by “Trulia Skilith”

MockRadar Presents: MR014 “BearStainBear – Mars Pop E.P. Get it Here: Direct Download MR014 “BearStainBear – Mars Pop E.P.


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