RELEASE: MR010 – Evilution – MockRadar Alumni

Release: MR010 – Evilution – MockRadar Alumni

Release: MR010 – Evilution – MockRadar Alumni

  • The world-wide collective of mythical MockRadar Alumni have come together to bring you a release like no other. The album features the best and brightest the underground electronics scene has to offer. This linear release was constructed one track at a time with each artist hearing only the track that preceded them on the release. Over a year in the making Cheomap, Sexual Prey, SNM, Vojeet, Voidstar, BrokenNVEP, Vasectoven, Divtech, Atomgrad, Orca, Krucifiya, SweetPeaPod, & Infekkted have re-defined quality in Esoteric Electronics various sub-genre’s. This mystical masterpiece of artistic collaboration set the stage for what has become the most influential label driving the forces behind the Underground Electronics music scene. Sit back and listen to this in its entirety for an experience that is sure to impress and leave u breathlessly begging for more serenading supernatural sophistication’s from the newly crowned Kings at MockRadar

MockRadar is proud to present:

“MR010 – Evilution – MockRadar Alumni”

Get it Here: Direct Download MR010 – Evilution – MockRadar Alumni


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