Release: MR009: The Remixes vol.1 “SweetPeaPod – DescribeMatt”

Release: MR009: The Remixes vol.1 “SweetPeaPod – DescribeMatt”

Release: MR009: The Remixes vol.1 “SweetPeaPod – DescribeMatt”


  • “This remix project features some of our favorite artists. Skewed mixes ranging from Hardcore tech-NOOO!, to jungle, noize, and breakcore. Another version of the track was previously released by SNM, in his epic “Remix Wars”, which can be found, downloaded, and envied at”~Cheomap

MockRadar is proud to present:

MR009: The Remixes vol.1 “SweetPeaPod – DescribeMatt”

Here it is folk’s the project that started it all.  The original track features that unmistakable SweetPeaPod ultra distorted and soulful sound we have all come to know and love.
Cheo contacted me in 2009 via our old outdated friend MySpaz, and proposed I make him a remix of this Epic tale of heartache and disillusion. We soon became fast friends and homies for life. Fast forward to 2011.. and we decided to launch our own label. MockRadar was born. A label founded
“For the artist’s and by the artist’s”.  We’ve carved a blazing path of destruction and undeniable recognition into the underground electronics scene since then, and we have no thought’s of stopping now. Our MR family continues to grow and mature, featuring our closest friends, all powerhouses of their respective genre’s. We couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved, and have nothing but the highest hopes for the future of MockRadar.

Get it Here: Direct Download The Remixes vol.1 “SweetPeaPod – DescribeMatt”


One response to “Release: MR009: The Remixes vol.1 “SweetPeaPod – DescribeMatt”

  1. Wow. bout time. So chi, who ever this kid givin this extra sound is dope. I have been meeting all these new dub kats. u were there first.a bit grittier but still. me i hate confused noise thought this is a bit eargasmic. NOT U AT ALLLLL.but i do hear what u did trust that and I love the new influence. I love it. Skrillex is making bank doing less then what ya’ll are doin u r more math is sick! fuck it lets do sumtin! tell FE it is a rescue JIGGY mission and I’m joinin Priesthood i needa martar CHEO WHATS HIS MUTHAFUNKIN NAME!!!!and it is CHEO!!! Who ever this kat is is doin beats wit u he is doin good for u and i like the style keep it up! WORD

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