MR002 “SweetPeaPod – Lullaby Noizzz”

Release: MR002 “SweetPeaPod – Lullaby Noizzz”

The first of many solo albums by the MockRadar alumni.

“This album is not your garden variety pop it in the player and fool around while cleaning house or what have you, this “JOURNEY” grabs your attention like a rusty meat hook! Its a sweet serenade for your sympathy’s, a synthetic skull fuck for your senses . Touching on a deeper part of the psyche, Lullabye Noiz takes you into a reflective state, and then sweeps you along on a rollercoaster ride of of WTF faces and emotional landscapes.
A definitive and poignant master piece, that I can only listen to on special occasions because of its raw and unadulterated fervent energy.” – SNM

Listen & Download full album in a single mp3 here:

Or Download zip of full album with individual trackmarks & artwork here:

SweetPeaPod – Lullaby Noizzz

Press Repeat & Go To Sleep! – See you in your dreams…
– Cheomap


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